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Rapid Release Therapy, also known as ‘RRT’, provided at Balance Medical Integration enhances pain relief, improves mobility, decreases joint stress and muscle tension. Given the comprehensive and integrated care provided by Balance Medical Integration, RRT is seamlessly incorporated into our patient’s care plan whether it be a chiropractic, physical medicine or a regenerative medicine appointment, and is utilized to support the patient’s big-picture wellness.
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What is Rapid Release Therapy?

RRT is an advanced technology that uses a calculated high-frequency vibration, 5x’s faster than that of a Theragun, yet in a more gentle and therapeutic manner, to release muscle tension and decrease pain.
Why Do We Utilize RRT?

Our bodies tend to accumulate tension pattersn,adhesions and/or scar tissues, whether it be from an accident or injury, athletic physical exertion, poor posture or even lack of exercise. These scar tissues and adhesions develop in our soft-tissues of the body such as muscles, tendons and ligaments and cause dysfunctional movement patterns or loss of range of motion that lead to pain, dysfunction or even predispose us to injury.

For instance, manifestation of ‘back pain’, often has more underlying causative variables in the equation than just ‘back pain’. The root cause of back pain is often the accumulation of tension or adhesions in the neighboring joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments; Perhaps an old knee injury, a muscle strain from many years ago or even arthritis in a neighboring joint or withing the back itself. RRT is able to address all of these potential causative factors in an efficient manner that is extremely safe, effective and simply feels great!
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RRT Addresses the Big-Picture:
It has been well-established in the scientific literature that scar tissue and adhesions are a leading cause of pain but often go un-addressed by many doctors or therapists. You are more than just “Back Pain” or a “Bum Knee” and the providers at Balance Medical Integration work with you in a more inclusive manner to achieve your goals.
“We evaluate and address your body’s big-picture movement pattern dysfunctions, often referred to as ‘Kinetic Chain” as a means of allowing for a long-term resolution to your pain”.
-Dr. Jessica Balbo D.C.
“Our patients often experience significant improvement in pain reduction and range of motion during their first session of RRT”.
-Dr. Jason Bojar DC, CNS, MS
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Adhesions in the muscles of the neck can lead to a stiff and painful neck. Rapid Release Therapy can relax these muscles and allow a freer movement pattern. RRT can also be used to address tight muscles at the base of the neck that are often associated with headaches. RRT can even be used on the jaw to gently and effectively relieve TMJ disorders.
The back is full of muscles that control posture and support your daily movement. Adhesion within the soft tissues (muscles, fascia, tendons, and ligaments) of the back are often times the root cause of chronic or acute back pain.
The muscles of the hip are often the most neglected. Rapid Release Therapy can access these muscles and their attachments to gently yet quickly can relax these muscles and relieve aches and pains of the hips and lower extremities.
The elbow joint and associated muscles and tendons of the elbow are a hot bed for adhesions. These adhesions can cause conditions such as tendonitis, also known ‘Tennis Elbow’, or ‘Golfer’s Elbow’. At Balance Medical Integration, we regularly help elite athletes such as mountain bikers, cyclists, motorcycle/moto riders, skiers as these muscles are often overworked. Rapid Release Therapy promotes relief and eases movement, taking pressure off the elbow, relieving elbow pain.
Muscles in the forearm move the hand and wrist. Freeing up these muscles with Rapid Release Therapy improves movement and relieves pain. RRT to the wrist itself often relieves pain from conditions like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, as well as takes pressure of the lesser-known tunnel of the wrist, the Tunnel of Guyon.
Rapid Release is uniquely suited for use on hands and fingers because of the small treatment disks and the ability to apply with a small stroke. It can be very comfortably used on aches and pains in the hand. Many patients come in just to have their fingers treated with the RRT as it relieves the pain from their arthritis.
Rapid Release Therapy relaxes the muscles in the thigh and calf regions. The RRT releases stiffness in the hips and knees to provide improved ease of movement, taking strain off the muscles that move these large, weight bearing joints.
As the foundation of the body, the foot is a complex structure. They are critical to the body's ability to stand, walk, run, and jump. Unbalanced feet lead to an unbalanced body. Foot pain can lead to limping, which can lead to knee, hip, back and neck pain. Rapid Release Therapy can release muscles and reduce such aches and pains.
As they say, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. Just as regular dental cleanings are recommended and clinically proven to reduce the occurrence of dental issues, the same can be said about the rest of the body. Minimizing scar tissue and adhesion patterns before they establish a dysfunctional pattern and associated pain is a very effective and proactive approach to big-picture wellness and longevity.
RRT was originally developed for and tested on professional athletes as a way to increase their performance capacity and improve post-exercise recovery. Studies showed that RRT effectively disrupted the formation of adhesion patterns in the muscles, tendons and ligaments of the athletes (NFL, MLB, Tennis, etc.), allowing for a more functional and efficient movement pattern. Simply put, athletes who utilize RRT technology are able to train harder, recover quicker and all while experiencing less injuries.
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