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What We Do at Balance Medical Integration

Our Process
At Balance Medical Integrations, our process for functional medicine begins with a comprehensive evaluation of each patient's medical history, lifestyle, and genetic factors. Our expert practitioners then use this information to design personalized treatment plans that focus on addressing the root cause of health issues and optimizing the body's natural healing processes through a combination of evidence-based therapies and lifestyle interventions.
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Safe and Effective

With a strong emphasis on personalized care and evidence-based treatments, our experienced practitioners work closely with patients to address the underlying causes of health issues, promoting long-lasting improvements in health and well-being without compromising on safety.

Explore the numerous benefits of functional medicine at Balance Medical Integrations, where our patient-centered approach focuses on uncovering the root causes of health issues and tailoring personalized treatments to promote holistic well-being and optimal health.

  • Holistic Wellness
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Mental Health Support
  • Focus on Prevention
  • Collaborative Care
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Why Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine at Balance Medical Integrations offers a patient-centered and integrative approach, providing a wide array of benefits that empower individuals to achieve optimal health and lead a balanced and fulfilling life.

Ideal Candidates

The ideal candidate for functional medicine is someone seeking a proactive and holistic approach to their health, willing to collaborate with practitioners in identifying and addressing the root causes of health issues to achieve long-term wellness and improved quality of life.


Our functional medicine approach at Balance Medical Integrations is an efficient way to optimize health, as it targets the underlying causes of health issues and offers personalized treatment plans that promote effective and lasting results.
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Conditions That Can Benefit

Functional medicine offers significant benefits for a wide range of health conditions, including chronic illnesses like diabetes, autoimmune disorders, and gastrointestinal issues, where it can provide comprehensive and tailored approaches to management and relief. Additionally, individuals dealing with fatigue, hormonal imbalances, and mental health concerns can benefit from the personalized care and holistic focus of functional medicine to address their unique health needs.
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Why Choose Us?

Highly Experienced
Choosing Balance Medical Integrations ensures that you receive top-notch care from our experienced team of practitioners who prioritize your well-being and unique health needs. With our patient-centered approach, evidence-based treatments, and cutting-edge technologies, we are dedicated to delivering safe, effective, and personalized solutions to help you achieve optimal health and an improved quality of life.
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