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New Patients

At Balance Medical Integration, we prioritize the comfort and convenience of our valued patients.


Our Patients
Here at Balance Medical Integration, we value our patients. We acknowledge that going to a new place for the first time can be nerve racking. We want to do everything we can to eliminate any unnecessary stressors, which is why we include the option of printing and completing your forms at home. We think of our patients as part of our extended family, and we are excited to meet you!
If you have any questions regarding your first visit, please don’t hesitate to call us at :
Ridgway office: 970-626-7137 .
Telluride office: 612-384-3529 .
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Online Forms

At Balance Medical Integration, we offer patient forms online so you can complete them in the convenience of your own home or office.

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Ridgway Office
(970) 626-7137
Ridgway Office
(612) 384-3529
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