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If you are looking for personalized, proactive care from highly-educated doctors, you’ve found a home at Balance Medical Integration. Our team of approachable practitioners in Ridgway and Telluride have walls of credentials and awards backed by over 4,000 patients that rave about their open-minded approach, effective treatments with lasting results and continual study of their craft.
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Our mission is to help people regain, maintain, and maximize an active lifestyle through cutting edge diagnostics, progressive therapeutics and responsible pain management.
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We are southwest Colorado’s leaders in progressive, precise, and personalized integrative medicine.


Our process involves thorough examination by a medical provider, chiropractor and rehabilitation expert who then collaborate and develop a customized treatment plan to reach the best outcome for the patient using safe and effective therapies.
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Your Trusted Integrated Medical Clinic

Comprehensive and Personalized Treatment Solutions

Our dedicated team of healthcare professionals combines the best of conventional medicine, chiropractic care, functional medicine, and holistic therapies to provide comprehensive and personalized treatment options.

Discover a Balanced Approach to Healthcare

With a focus on whole-body wellness, we strive to address the root causes of your health concerns and optimize your overall well-being. Discover a balanced approach to healthcare at Balance Medical Integration.
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Holistic Approach to Wellness: Discover a Balanced Approach to Healthcare

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