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Proven Therapeutic Strategy to Push Back Against the “Aging” of the Aging Athlete.

Southwest Colorado has this unique quality of attracting the ‘lifestyle-athlete’, often becoming ‘home’ for years, even decades, playing in the dynamic terrain that the mountains provide……at one point or another, the realization of aging hits.  In the 16 years of providing care to fellow mountain residents, Dr. Jess Balbo and Dr. Jason Bojar, co-founders, and providers at Balance Medical Integration, have had countless conversations with their patients discussing their concerns of physical longevity.

Aging Athletes: The Challenges

The aging process brings about physiological changes that impact an athlete's . Reduced muscle, tendon, and ligament (aka ‘soft tissues’ of the body) elasticity and flexibility increase the risk of strains and tears. Declining bone density heightens the vulnerability to fractures. Moreover, the body's ability to recover diminishes, elongating healing periods and reducing training intensity.

Push back the clock with cutting-edge therapeutics: The Balance Medical Integration Approach

The doctors at Balance Medical Integration, though respecting the patient’s frustration, are eager to implement clinically proven therapies to counteract these challenges, often in a strategically layered approach allowing athletes to extend their active careers and maintain a high level of performance. Connoisseurs of such therapeutic strategy are prevalent in our professional sporting world, from LeBron James to Tom Brady, and even mountain athletes such as Lindsey Vonn to name a few. Therapies, including chiropractic care, soft-tissue mobilization, shockwave therapy, and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) to name a few have shown evidence in mitigating these effects and supporting aging athletes in maintaining their performance.

  •  Chiropractic: Chiropractic care plays a crucial role in addressing these issues by focusing on optimizing spinal alignment and joint mobility. Studies by DeVocht et al. (2018) and Hoskins and Pollard (2019) highlight the effectiveness of chiropractic interventions in improving range of motion, reducing pain, and enhancing athletic performance in older individuals.
  • Soft-tissue Mobilization: Soft-tissue mobilization techniques, such as Rapid Release Therapy, a specialized form of myofascial release, targets muscle tightness and adhesions, promoting better tissue flexibility and blood flow. Research by Crane et al. (2012) demonstrates the positive impact of soft-tissue mobilization on muscle recovery and overall athletic function in older athletes. This practice improves blood flow, accelerates recovery, and assists in maintaining optimal muscle performance.
  • Shockwave Therapy: Shockwave therapy has emerged as a valuable treatment modality for athletes of all ages dealing with chronic musculoskeletal conditions. Studies by Rompe et al. (2015) and Wang et al. (2018) support its use in accelerating tissue healing, reducing pain, and improving function in tendinopathies and other soft tissue injuries, thereby aiding athletes in their recovery process.  Many athletes conversely rely on Shockwave therapy performed at Balance to fend off injury before it occurs.
  •  PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) Injections: PRP injections involve utilizing the body's own platelets to promote tissue healing and regeneration. Studies by Filardo et al. (2014) and Andia et al. (2017) have demonstrated the efficacy of PRP injections in accelerating the healing process of musculoskeletal injuries, enabling athletes to return to their activities more quickly with greater strength and reduced discomfort.

Maximizing Athletic Potential:

Balance Medical Integration has gained considerable attention by uniquely integrating these evidence-based therapies into the treatment plans of their active patients, effectively pushing back against the aging process. This approach also aids in preserving an athlete's physical capabilities, enabling them to continue excelling in their sport well into their later years.

Could this approach keep you playing in the Mountains?

The doctors at Balance Medical Integration strive to provide the most thoughtful and personalized healthcare experience possible, all while focusing on reaching your specific goals through detailed evaluation and targeted therapeutics to keep you thriving in the mountains.

Discover a tailored approach to maintain peak performance in the mountains! Click Here to schedule your REGENERATIVE MEDICINE EVALUATION or Contact Balance Medical Integration in Telluride (612) 384-3529 or Ridgway (970) 626-7137 for personalized care and evidence-based therapies.

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